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Are you ready to receive a Rottweiler puppy?

The first time the Rottweiler puppy comes into contact with his new family , since drive followed by entry into its new home, it is a delicate and therefore must be dealt with calmly and in an orderly manner . Are so many recommendations and advice based on past experience I would like also to your list, but I will stop here because, being rottweiler breeders by passion means a great pleasure to dedicate the time necessary to follow you. For the love that I feel for already rottweiler puppies that will be assigned for the void that each of them will leave me , follow you in the upbringing and education of your Rottweiler puppy until they reach maturity , is not only correct , but a legitimate claim.
I state : I speak of "my" or better Rottweiler puppies Rottweiler puppies because they are breeding and shall be mine forever. No matter whether you will live out their lives here with me or if they are transferred to other families, however and wherever they are , it is necessary that the new owners will make annuities available to give me information on their health. I would never find myself in a position to know that one of my rottweiler is finished in a kennel or worse , because I am always available to take back with open arms my beloved companions .

Rottweiler puppies - Postpartum

After giving birth, the mother and the pups remain until the age of weaning, within the whelping box here at 'Rottweiler Breeding.
Rott puppies so they can 'begin to learn about different auditory stimuli (appliances, ambient noise, radio, other dogs, the voices of children, etc..), And visual. When age and the beautiful weather we allow, the Rottweiler puppies from our kennel are starting to spend the day in the large garden farm where they begin to socialize and meet other animals such as goats, dogs of other breeds is small in size that large, chickens, cats and experiment with new smells and noises. In order Rottweiler puppies in the terms provided by law, enter into their families from the sixty-day of life onwards.